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The L350 Plus features SSL's next-generation of Optimal Core Processing (OCP) technology, offering greater DSPresource forallocation and extremely flexible I/O architecture. The console has 600 inputs and 600 outputs. It has 216 mix paths at 96kHz. These paths can be assigned as Channels, Stem Groups, Auxes and Masters to suit demands and configured as anything between mono, which use a single path, to 5.1 which use six paths. All 216 mix paths offer full processing. Insert Effects have their own dedicated processing which is also dynamically allocated.

L350 Plus Local I/O
L350 is equipped with a fully featured collection of Input and Output connectivity with the capacity to serve both Front of House and Monitor applications. L350 provides a versatile collection of local I/O built into the control surface so can operate without the use of any Stageboxes if required and has good connectivity for local peripherals when used in a pure FOH role. SSL Live consoles feature auto-detection so identify any SSL Live I/O connected within the software routing pages.

L350 local analogue I/O configuration; 16 mic/line inputs, 16 line outputs, 2 Headphone/Monitor outputs. AES/EBU digital I/O configuration: 4 pairs of inputs and 4 pairs of outputs. AES/EBU I/O has fully variable sample rate conversion. Standard MADI port configuration: 3 redundant pairs of coaxial and 1 redundant pair of optical. If redundancy is not required, these connections can be independent, providing a maximum of eight ports. In addition, there is a separate optical MADI port (out/in), designed for use as an FX Loop for connecting an external FX processing such as a system using Waves Multirack or a VST effects host. The standard configuration has no SSL Blacklight II connectors but there is an option to add one redundant pair. A Dante card option is also available offering 32x32 channels of I/O at 96 kHz (or 64x64 channels at 48kHz) over a redundant Dante connection. An optional redundant pair of SSL X-Light connectors provide 256 bi-directional channels at 96kHz between the console and stage using a single cable with ruggedized connectors. The back panel also accommodates connectors for MIDI, LTC, Wordclock, and GP I/O. A 2nd redundant power supply is standard.


There are four models available in the SSL Live console range; the L550, the L350, the L200 and the L100. At SSL we believe that offering a range of sizes and console specifications should not mean compromising on quality or features.
All six consoles use the same Remote I/O, use identical audio conversion and internal audio engine technology. The combination and layout of Fader Tiles, Master Tile and Channel Control Tile varies but the controls available and feature set are identical. The consoles use the same software with identical architecture, routing capability, and of course audio processing tool kit. A full channel on the L550 Plus is the same as a full channel on the other consoles and they all offer exactly the same outstanding collection of insert Effects. The differences between the sic models centre on physical size, layout, available processing power and available local I/O.

Live V5.0 Software Overview

The latest V5.0 Software update brings a host of new features and enhancements to the SSL Live platform. V4.11 software introduced integrated control of LAcoustics L-ISA Immersive system, Live V5.0 furthers that, adding integrated control of Meyer Sound Immersive loudspeaker systems via SpaceMap Go APP. New Plus Processing Packs, enhanced 3rd party device control, and new processing tools; Blitzer and Sorcerer, and Path Recall Safe show our commitment to keeping all SSL Live consoles ahead of the curve.

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