Prolyte S36PRA Flexable PreRigTruss

Prolyte S36PRA Flexable PreRigTruss

Ask About Prolyte S36PRA Flexable PreRigTruss


Catalog number: S36PRA-L122 S36PRT truss is constructed of main tubes (50 x 4 mm) and diagonals (25 x 3 mm). Equipped with a pivoting pin-fork connection system, the S36PRT truss is fast and easy to assemble. Designed as pre-rig truss for moving heads, the truss has both fixed or flexible cross and linear braces on the topside to accommodate any type of luminaire. The trusses and dollies can be easily stacked for storage or transport.
Standard available lengths and codes
Metres Feet Weight (kg) Weight (lbs) Code
1,22 4,00 27,00 59.52 S36PRA-L122
2,44 8,00 38,70 85.32 S36PRA-L244
3,05 10,00 45,16 99.56 S36PRA-L305
Fast and easy to assemble Ideal for moving heads Suited for any type of luminaire Easy to stack
Technical Specifications - S36 Series
Alloy EN AW 6082 T6
Main Tubes 50 x 4 mm
Braces 25 x 3 mm
Coupling System Rotatable pin/fork

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