Prolyte Verto Truss H40R

Prolyte Verto Truss H40R

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Catalog number: Ver-H40R-L100 The Verto truss is based on a new principle of trussconnection, where the sections are joined by a rotatingcoupler system. This system has great advantages overexisting systems. The name Verto is derived from Latin, meaning to turn or to turn around and that is exactly how this coupler works. A simple flick of your wrist will connect the truss sections. The Verto truss is designed as an additional system, for those circumstances where its specific characteristics come into play, like the silent connection and reduced assembly time. The Verto-H40R has a clever program of specifications; compact and strong, and three-sided webbing. The thicker braces on the bottom side allow easy mounting of moving heads and central loading, reducing the torsion effect resulting from one-sided loading in standard trusses.
  • Tool-less system, no tools needed for assembly and disassembly
  • No protruding parts, ideal for attaching banners or drapes
  • Bringing safety to the work floor its silent connection adds greatly to work floor communication
  • Incredible fast connection and disconnection, reducing production time
  • Strong and compact, based on the H40R truss with similar loading capacity
  • Coupling parts can be replaced, prolonging the general lifetime of your truss
  • Versatile system with many application possibilities, the additional box corner completes the system
Technical Specifications - Ver-H40R Series
Alloy EN AW 6082 T6
Main Tubes 48 x 3 mm
Braces 20 x 2 mm
Coupling System Verto, CrMo4

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