Prolyft Chains and Chain Bags

Prolyft Chains and Chain Bags

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Chain Bags
Chain bag for electrical chain hoists available in different capacities.
  • Chainbag max 30mtr, 7.1x20.5mm chain
Catalog number: PLA-10-001
  • Chainbag max 22mtr, 4.0x12.2mm chain
Catalog number: PLA-10-004
  • Chainbag max 40mtr, 4.0x12.2mm chain
Catalog number: PLA-10-007
  • Chainbag max 65mtr, 7.1x20.5mm chain
Catalog number: PLA-10-009
  • Chainbag max 71mtr, 7.1x20.5mm chain
Catalog number: PLA-10-010
  • Chainbag max 80mtr, 7.1x20.5mm chain
Catalog number: PLA-10-012
  • Chainbag max 30mtr, 5.0x15.1mm chain
Catalog number: PLA-10-013
  • Chainbag max 50mtr, 4.0x12.2mm chain
Catalog number: PLA-10-014
  • 4,0x12,2mm (250kg hoists) Chain
Catalog number: PLS-10-002
  • 7,1x20,5mm (1000kg hoists) Chain
Catalog number: PLS-11-002
  • 5,0x15,1mm (500kg hoists) Chain
Catalog number: PLS-12-002
Manual Chain hoists - Chain
Lifting chain, 5.0x15.0mm Catalog number: PHC-S-4300008 Lifting chain for the 500kg manual chain hoists. Lifting chain, 6.0x18.0mm Catalog number: PHC-S-4307635 Lifting chain for the 1000kg manual chain hoists. Operating chain, 5.0x26.0mm Catalog number: PHC-S-4307654 Handchain for 500 and 1000kg manual chain hoists.

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