Prolyte B100CW Catwalk Truss

Prolyte B100CW Catwalk Truss

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Catalog number: B100CW-L200 The design of the catwalk truss is based on the B100RV truss. The catwalk truss can be used to create mother grids, work platforms or proscenium of lighting bridges. The handrail and reinforced bottom plate create a safe walking and working environment. The catwalk truss can be fitted with additional bracing bars for suspension and optional side cantilevers to create space to hang your lighting equipment. The catwalk truss is available with a range of corners and accessories.
Standard available lengths and codes
Metres Feet Weight (kg) Weight (lbs) Code
2,00 6,56 74,39 164.00 B100CW-L200
3,00 9,84 105,12 231.75 B100CW-L300
4,00 13,12 129,11 284.64 B100CW-L400
Suited to serve as mothergrid or working platform Can also serve as a prosceniums of lighting bridges Creates a safe walking and working environment
Technical Specifications - B100CW Series
Alloy EN AW 6082 T6
Main Tubes 60 x 6 mm
Braces 48 x 3 mm
Coupling System CCS7

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