Prolyte Arc Roof

Prolyte Arc Roof

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System Description The Arc Roof is a fixed construction, based on three inward-curving trusses that are mounted to side masts. Special corners connect the arches to the main grid. Different configurations are made possible by simply changing the arches. The arched trusses have a keder profile on top for fitting the optional canopy. Advantages Versatile application Easy to handle, quick setup Significant loading capacity Ideal for smaller events Extra options available
Technical specifications - Arc Roof
10 x 8 m , 8 x 6 m, 6 x 4 m,
(329 x 263), (263 x 198),
(198 x 131)
Loading capacity (UDL)
10 x 8 m approx. 2450kg
8 x 6 m approx. 1950kg
6 x 4 m approx. 1800kg
Total weight
10 x 8 m approx. 1200kg
8 x 6 m approx. 800kg
6 x 4 m approx. 600kg
Transportation volume
10 x 8 m approx. 32m
8 x 6 m approx. 20m
6 x 4 m approx. 16m
Max. wind speed
28.4 m/second, 63.3 mph
Tension gear and steel wires
Comprehensive building manual
Structural report

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